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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

http://outlawzchallenges.com Color Challenge

When I first saw the colors I thought my goodness, Those are Fall colors, how in the world can I presnt something to help bring some springtime to all those poor souls up north when I am in Sunny Florida with my windows open already? Then again, this is a challenge, and I am from up north orriginally and missing the spring about to bloom. So I remembered the Forsythia and knew the colors would work and had to draw my ingenewity from that. MS punches gave me leaves from what I would normally throw away, flowers from what I would normally layer and I pieced it all together from there! I can't say it is my best, but it is certainly one of my most challenging to date! Thank you for letting me play along! 


  1. very pretty card love your flowers good use of leftovers. Love the colors.

  2. I needed tiny leaves for the tree leaves I embossed on the brown backtrownd with Tim Hotz Branch Tree. I used MS Petal Lace Boarder Punch but only used the leftovers to make the leaves! Didn't know what else I had to make the tiny things, wham-bham, thaknk ya mam..there you have it! Guess I am gonna save everything from now on, even the punched out left-overatures as my husband says!