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Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm sorry....I've been away!

sorry, I have been away...kind of, sort of...with life stuff! First my husband has been really sick...but wait for it...he is better, much better, thankfully! Ahhhhhhhhh....I can breath so much easier now. Then i have been under the weather myself. Normal stuff, everyday sort of stuff. Things I have to deal with on an everyday sort of thing, but mostly X 100 b/c I have been worried about my husband and stress increases my pain levels and I am aware of that, but life happens, so no worries really. We are getting back to my normals and my husbands normals. Yeahhhhh!!!! Then wait for it...over the weekend we had more stress, hoodlum stress in the neighborhood sort of stuff. My next door neighbor who is so sweet and kind was broken into at 2:30 am on Sunday morning by some young thugs. She was not hurt, but scared out of her mind. They busted through her front door, she heard it break down, she sleeps with her cell phone b/c she uses it as her alarm for work, slammed her bedroom door shut, dialed "911" they heard her, ran back out the door, Police arrived, dragged her out her bedroom window, she ran to my house, and within seconds they got another call that another B&E in the sub across the street had occurred same MO, single woman, crash, 911, ran....very scary stuff. We had 13 police, helicopters in the air, 2 Dogs on the ground, but they probably got their car into a garage faster than the search team was able to mobilize on the ground. They think they know who is behind all of it, but couldn't catch the punks. My husband went to Lowe's with my neighbors brother the next morning,, got lots of security stuff for doors and went house to house on our street and secured as many homes on our block as we could. He has spoken to our HOA President, our Local Police Officers and we are on the look out for certain individuals. It has been very tense but I need to get back to my cards...La Dee Da......

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