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Friday, June 29, 2012

My NewCraft Room

Well....It took a few days, and a lot of labor of love, but it has finally arrived! I totally overhauled my Craft Room. Before, there was no room to move, no room to navigate more than one thing at a time. Going to stamp, OK, then put it away, going to emboss, OK, then put it away, now wait, I need to stamp something else, OMG, I have to get the blocks back out and search for the stamp set again! *&#@&!!!!! Geeesse....Now it is heaven...my dream craft room has come to fruition! I can roll my chair with the greatest of ease from Cricut to BigKick to Bling to Paper galore! H E A V E N !!!! Stamps and Copics and glitter and twine and Ink are a finger tip away. Here are the before, in-between and after pictures. Night, nightmare and day apart. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions....feel free. Oh and by the way, notice my critics are right beside me all the way...there are eleven of them, the hairy little things...all rescues! Love ya, Mags PS: I forgot to add, there is even a space for my husband to craft at the drafting table on the side and when he likes to join me on the computer if he just wants to peak in on me from time to time! I just love his company so much!!  Also, if you look closely on the computer desk you can see what I use to raise my monitor..the handy dandy Gypsy box...yes, I love to recycle also gals and guys! And as to the beautiful blue eyed kitty in the last picture, his name is Harley, would you be able to ask him to skedaddle with a face like that? He is a real charmer, and considering he almost died 3 time as a kitten and cost us in the $$$$$u[wards area of 2K to keep him alive you know why I couldn't part with him!

I had a nice little area, but that was the problem, it was little and it was dark! Now, it is big, bright and above all, it is spacious!...Just love it and I have room for everything I need!

this was all the room I had for storage and I
outgrew it within weeks...OMG..how do you store
paper and bling in four drawers and eight slots?

First I had to empty all of my drawers, unstack all of my stackables, and push evrything to the side.  I set up my two tables for my work space and went from there! OMG...what a job!

Next, I pushed all of my beading things to one end so those would be separate from my scraping items. Not so easy when you work with two mediums or more like I do!

I put my island behind my scraping wall since it would hold both my paper and beading materials, hence, "The Island!"

Here is my great work space!All of my cutting, ink pads, brushes, blocks, buttons, most often used blings, mat pads and glitters, powders  and scissors at at the tips of my fingers.  As you can see, I have lots of natural sun light, and that is the bomb!

You can see my Assistant Amos taking a quick break catching a few zzzzzzzzzzz below the computer station where I can hook up to the Cricut Cut room, Search or log in for my You Tube searches or easy accessory buying needs.
Believe me this is a huge help!  Amos..wake up, it's time to SBlog now!!!!

With just a slight roll of my chair, I have all of my paper, stamps, embossing tools, folders, dies, distressing, crimping, braying tools, tapes, and even my sewing machine is handy if I want to add a touch of needle and thread to my cards! My Zyrons are handy along with my Cynch, My Story, Ribbons, buttons and so much more!

Here is my Right Hand Assistant Harley!  He is usually rignt in the middle of what ever i am trying to make. It makes life interesting but he is just a sweetheart and with those beautiful blue eyes, who can resist?



  1. Great job...I know it was tons of work but you did good! I will say that it's only been since December 2011 that you started and boy oh boy you've done well at what you've acquired wow girl it actually looks like it's been years...again good job....good choice! Craft away and enjoy!!

  2. Actually, it has only been since after my back surgery which wa December 17th when I had Spinal cord stimulators implanted that I saw a Cricut advertised on TV and asked you about them. So given that, it has been 6 months that I have come full circle with my paper crafting. I have honestly been a beadaholic for 6 years. That unfortunately has been moved temporarily to the back burner until this appetite gets satisfied and becomes desert to my beading!! I truly love them both but am kind of a devotee to paper at the moment. UGH...what does one do when they have so many additions to follow? Help someone give me more answers...